Orange Beaded Earrings Made of Tagua


These Galapagos Tagua Brand Orange Beaded Earrings are of the utmost quality and are eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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Orange Beaded Earrings Made of Tagua


These beautiful laser cut earrings are very lightweight and made from Tagua nut, colored with organic dyes to give them a natural look. Simple and elegant for those who appreciate natural and handmade products.

Tagua, is a nut that grows in Ecuador, and is carved by hand by local artisans. Tagua is also known as vegetable Ivory, because of its resemblance with animal Ivory.

These Tagua earrings are very lightweight and very fun to wear!, at the same time they are very resistant.

The beads in these earrings are about 1 3/4 inches long and they are 1 1/4 across.

*Slight variations in size will occur, due to the nature of our product. Each pair of earrings is unique.

All of our jewelry has proudly been made in Ecuador. By shopping with us you are directly supporting our team of artisans, to continue with a tradition that comes from generations, while receiving the means to achieve a dignified livelihood.

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