Tagua Nut Purple Bracelet for Little Girls


This Galapagos Tagua Brand Little Girls Bracelet is of the utmost quality and is eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.



This one of a kind bracelet is the ideal jewelry for your little princess. Lightweight, yet very resistant, it comes on and off adjusting to most girls size wrists. Being dyed with only organic ingredients, it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Its beads come from Tagua Nut, a seed that grows in the northern area of South America, where local artisans harvest it, carve it by hand, dye it with natural ingredients only, to bring to you this eco friendly gem!
Tagua is also known as Vegetable Ivory, because of its similarity with animal Ivory, just as resistant and beautiful!

This bracelet has 11 shiny beads have been strung with two rows of strong jewelry elastic.
The inside circumference of this bracelet is 1 3/4 inches (4 1/2 cm). It’s stretchable and will fit most girls wrists. Each one of the beads is about 1/2 inch (1 Cm)

All our jewelry has been handmade in Ecuador, by local artisans, using organic materials.

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