Turquoise Statement Tagua Bracelet


This Galapagos Tagua Brand Turquoise Statement Bracelet is of the utmost quality and is eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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This beautiful Handmade Wide Cuff Bracelet features natural beauty at its best. This bracelet is made of Tagua nut, it has been hand picked, carved, and polish to make the most beautiful bohemian jewelry. This bracelet has Tagua skin left on, to give this bracelet a rustic look.

This cuff bracelet is made of 8 Tagua beads.
Beads are 1 inch wide (2 1/2 cm) by 1 1/2 inches (3 1/2 cm) long approximately.
The inside circumference is 2 1/2 inches approximately.

All of our Jewelry is Fair Trade and it’s proudly handmade in Ecuador by local artisans.

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