Light Blue Adjustable Bib Necklace Made of Tagua Nut


This Galapagos Tagua Brand Light Blue Necklace is of the utmost quality and is eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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Light Blue Adjustable Bib Made of Tagua Nut

This tagua necklace has been made of slices of Tagua nut, an Eco friendly material, found in South America. This necklace is sure to make an statement!

Each Tagua slice is unique due to the natural origin of this material, therefore each one of our necklaces is one of a kind!

Each bead on this necklace is approximately 1″ wide and 0.5″ long. ***These beads are very small compared to the size of beads in most of our necklaces***

This necklace has faux leather cord, that allows you to adjust the length to your preferred liking.

Tagua nut grows in few countries in South America. Our jewelry comes specifically from Ecuador, where local artisans manually carve, dye and polish each one of our pieces of jewelry.

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