Orange Double Layer Tagua Necklace


This Galapagos Tagua Brand Orange Layered Necklace is of the utmost quality and is eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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This beautiful Orange necklace is made of thin Slices of Organic Tagua that have been manually carved, dyed and polish to bring to you this lightweight, yet very resistant necklace.

This layered necklace consist of 2 rows of thinly sliced Tagua nut beads, with leather straps, that go up to 32 inches long approximately. The sliding knot gives you the flexibility to adjust it where is most suitable according to the dress/top that you are wearing. The beads have been sewn together with waxed cotton cord.

This necklace is very versatile, and will add character and lots of color to any outfit you pair it with. Without a doubt is the perfect gift for any occasion!

All of our jewelry has proudly been made in Ecuador. By shopping with us you are directly supporting our team of artisans, to continue with a tradition that comes from generations, while receiving the means to achieve a dignified livelihood.

Tagua nut grows in few countries in South America. Our jewelry comes specifically from Ecuador, where local artisans manually carve, dye and polish each one of our pieces of jewelry.

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