Red and Brown Tagua Macrame Fringe Necklace


This Galapagos Tagua Brand Red and Brown Tagua Macrame Pendant Necklace is of the utmost quality and is eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, unique and special. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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Red and Brown Tagua Macrame Fringe Necklace

This Unique Eco friendly necklace, is made of Tagua nut from Ecuador.
The Tagua seeds used for our necklace have been hand picked, carved, dyed and polished to make the most beautiful jewelry. This pendant has some Tagua skin left on, to give it a rustic look.

This necklace is versatile and will add style to any outfit. The straps are made of faux leather, it’s completely adjustable so you can wear it long or tie it just around your neck. The total straps length is 24 inches. The macrame portion of the necklace is 8 inches long.


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